Camellia, the new dog!

I recently adopted a new pit bull rescue and am in the process of blending her with my 2 other pit bulls and several cats. I’ve done the integration more times than I can count, yet it’s still always tense at first. I keep the new dog on a leash for their first week, evaluating their personality and determining if they can be trusted in the new household.  Camellia was wild from day 1. Always on a leash, every sound, every movement in the household, triggered her ‘wild’ genes.  I came to realize she wasn’t a pure pit bull, but likely a german shorthair mix which explained her energy and desire to constantly chase the cats. In my vast experience, pit bulls are the easiest to integrate. Even those from the most vile circumstances, tend to be the calmest, most animal friendly and most eager to please of all the breeds I’ve worked with. Mind you, aggressive dogs of all breeds are out there and I wouldn’t consider any dog of any breed with those tendencies for my home.  The dilemma is Camellia isn’t a typical pit bull. She’s not calm, doesn’t want to please me, has no self-control and no sense of self. She jumps on tables and countertops and doesn’t respect any other being’s space. She climbs onto the other dogs backs or heads to sit and sleep. The other dogs, Max and Honey, are so gentle and passive they let Camellia do whatever she wants so she’s mistakenly thinking her place is at the top of the totem pole. I’m reminded that when you bring a new animal into the home mix, it’s up to you to establish boundaries around every other animal in the house. And, it’s constant. Just like kids, the slightest sign of weakness and they take over the place. It’s exhausting enforcing the rules and maintaining boundaries every second of every day. But I know that Camellia becoming a healthy member of my family is dependent on my consistency.

Which one is real?!?