3 Simple Ingredients

Violet Pet Ear Cleanser is used to flush the ears. Containing alcohol, gentian violet and boric acid, its an antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic and anti inflammatory all in one. My personal experience has taught me there are unfounded myths about using alcohol in an animals ears. Firstly, animals do not like any fluid being put in their ear. Watch their reaction to aloe vera, water or alcohol being placed into their ear. Their reaction to each very different fluid is exactly the same. Before formulating Violet Ear Cleanser, I was alternating between vet prescribed and homeopathic remedies and it was heart breaking to see my dogs become fearful of me. Logic set in and I realized several potent treatments that actually cure an infection versus years of ineffective temporary, soothing fluids was a no brainer choice. It is our own personal belief that what is soothing to us is soothing to a dog. Not true! A dog with an ear infection just wants it to end. They want you to stop putting any and all fluids in their ears. Additionally, all of our ingredients are from USA companies who source them from within this country.

Witch Hazel Dog and Cat Ear Cleaning Solution is an alternative to Violet Pet Ear Cleaner if the ear issues seem to be allergy based. Containing witch hazel, gentian violet and boric acid, it’s also an antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic and anti inflammatory all in one. Additionally, pets that are highly reactive to the smell of alcohol are good candidates for the witch hazel base.

Clean the outer dog ear with a soft cloth

Wiping the dogs ear down after treatment.