The Un-Neutered Male

Violet Pet Ear Cleanser Post, The Un neutered male.

I’m always looking for funny or adorable dog pictures and came across this one.  My immediate reaction was to smile and chuckle at the girl holding up the dogs ears.  Perfect for my site because the focus is on the dogs ears… at least at first.  For 99.9% of the population, nothing wrong with that picture and it stops there.  But, within a few seconds my eyes go to the dogs balls. No, I’m not a dog perv and unlike Amy Schumer, when they’re not there, I do NOT miss them.  But, when I see them hanging down between some dogs legs my heart always sinks.  I’ve spent so many years rescuing animals and have never been able to have the glamorous home or life style I’d love because of the steady stream of dogs and cats I happily share my home with. I have more than a lot because their lives are more important than a nice sofa, a hair-free kitchen counter or a fresh smell to my car, so I never regret the trade off.  But, when I see that cute dog and that cute owner all smiley, I’m thinking, you clueless idiot.  There aren’t even close to enough quality homes for all the current dogs and cats in the shelters around this country and you’re looking to bring more of them into the world intentionally – so you can make a buck?  It takes all the joy out of the cute picture for me. Maybe the dog has an appointment scheduled and that’s why the pic was taken, kind of ‘heres the last pic we have of Dexter’s balls’, but I doubt that.  Or maybe he’s so well endowed that even after the surgery he’s got some size, but I doubt that, also.  So, come on you cute dog owner, neuter your damn dog already!